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Lyrics Answers

Here's the identities of the unguessed lyrics from my past post. Remember, no more guessing if you read these!

#6. "Sink" by King Missile
#11. "Condescension" by Pitchshifter
#12. "Great American Sharpshooter" by Less Than Jake
#14. "Too Much of Heaven" by Eiffel 65
#16. "Lemonade" by Buzz Poets
#20. "Drunk and In Love" by Too Much Joy

Thanks to everyone who guessed: rigelkitty(2), sabercat(2), vakkotaur(2), arrowtwolf(1), crocodile(1), dour(1), kijiraccoon(1), penh(1), madiushrat(1), twopiearr(1), sk_1(1), xydexx(1), and kurrelraven for being an answer and posting nifty music.

"Each new generation has a statement they want to call their own
Tattoos, piercings... that's for mom and dad.
What you want to do is spend your allowance on:
Devil horn implants!
Elephant man heads!
Designer tails!"

-- "As Seen on TV" by Pitchshifter

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