Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

A Remarkable Speech on Anti-Gay-Marriage in Texas Legislature

Check out wordslinger's entry HERE. This is commendable statesmanship and oratory. It speaks sincerely, pulling away the specious rationalizations.

Representative Senfronia Thompson (D-Houston) speaks against the proposed Texas Anti-Gay-Marriage constitutional amendment. An excerpt:

Let's look at what this amendment does not do: It does not give one
Texas citizen meaningful tax relief. It does not reform or fully fund
our education system. It does not restore one child to CHIP, who was
cut from health insurance last session. It does not put one dime into
raising Texas' Third World access to health care. It does not do one
thing to care for or protect one elderly person or one child in this
state. In fact, it does not even do anything to protect one marriage.

Members, this bill is about hate and fear and discrimination. I know
something about hate and fear and discrimination. When I was a small
girl, white folks used to talk about "protecting the institution of
marriage" as well. What they meant was if people of my color tried to
marry people of Mr. Chisum's color, you'd often find the people of my
color hanging from a tree. That's what the white folks did back then to
"protect marriage." Fifty years ago, white folks thought inter-racial
marriages were a "threat to the institution of marriage."

So, now that blacks and women can vote, and now that blacks and women
have equal rights-- you turn your hatred to homosexuals-- and you still
use your misguided reading of the Bible to justify your hatred. You
want to pass this ridiculous amendment so you can go home and brag--
brag about what? Declare that you saved the people of Texas from what?

Edit: You can email her with your comments. I did!

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