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Programmer Language Discussions

When language wonks* compare their various languages, unlike other guys, it's all about being small. I found this exchange in a wiki discussion of higher-order functions:

To compute the inner product of two vectors:

a = [ ... ] # your vector here
b = [ ... ] # your other vector here
d = map( (lambda p, q: p * q), a, b ) # work out the products
e = reduce( (lambda x, y: x + y), d, 0 ) # sum them up

I love Python.

sum = { |s, (x,y)| s + x * y }

Yeah, and that's why I prefer Ruby.

innerProd = (sum .) . zipWith (*)

Or Haskell ;)


Or J. >:)

Now, I fully expect someone to come up with a three character solution for Matlab or something. But, if you compute lots of inner products (and hey, who doesn't!) you now know that J is a great language for you! ;)

*Language wonk is not a derisive term. No, really.
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