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Imperial Officer Corps

As a number of other people (badwox, chairoraccoon, graafen...) have mentioned, a Star Wars fan film has finally been put online:

IMPS the Relentless aka TROOPS II, sequel to TROOPS. (Servers may be busy but keep trying.)

It's basically structured as a COPS parody, though the new one has more of a documentary flair. As always, well-done and funny. (Especially considering the minimal budget.)

The other cool news: I'm in it! Well, as an extra. Very briefly.

Actually, I think I appear three times, since I filled out a couple costumes. Only once am I actually visible and identifiable for any number of frames, though. Right at the end, in the closing shot, storm troopers march past the camera followed by an imperial officer and two tie fighter pilots. I'm the officer! (I used to have a page on my site about making that uniform, but I pulled it since it wasn't really "furry".) I should remake the uniform someday.

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