Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Element Rattium

Chemical Element
Element: Rattium
Symbol: Rt
Atomic weight: 450g

Physical Properties
A solid a room temperature, although has a tendency to melt into a pliable form when massaged.
Despite attraction for power cords, it is a poor electrical conductor.
Far from dense.

Chemical properties
Rt+ attempts to bond with Rt- at any chance it gets.
Rt+ can become explosive when mixed with similar ions, but is effectively diffused by removal of large electrons to form neutral Rt.
Propensity to consume any organic matter it encounters.
Becomes excited by addition of Element Yd (Yogurtdropium).
Insoluble in water, although wetting turns it into a harsh reagent that is hazardous to human skin.

Industrial use is limited to minor fertilizer production and as a paper shredder. Without careful monitoring, it can cause environmental degradation.
Considered by some to be a rare and precious commodity.

([edit] Forgot to put a link to the source site (though I've seen this piece elsewhere) Dapper Rats. I did a bit of editing.)

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