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June Crown

This weekend was spent at the SCA June Crown Tournament out in Sacramento. Merriment, relaxation, and only a little over-hotness. The crown tournament is where the succeding royalty is chosen by right of arms.

We're definitely getting more practiced at packing in and out of sites. This was also a relatively open site with decent access roads, which minimized hauling. We camped with some friends we knew through our study of heraldry and costume arts. They had set up a pavilion on the corner of the central field (the "eric"); we hung out there and shared some good meals.

The kingdom flag displayed in the center of the main field. The eric is used for knight combat, jousting, and court seating (not at the same time). I believe the person shown is the Prince of Cynagua.

The royal pavilion (which faces the field and flag shown above).

My lovely wife, Annora, at the event. Pardon the squint; it was a very bright day.

A panorama view of the eric and surrounding tents. (You can just spot the roof of the royal pavilion and the yellow kingdom flag sticking up towards the right-hand end.) This shows probably a third of the tents that were on the site.

BTW kigeni, sorry I didn't meet up with you Sunday morning. Kit wasn't feeling too well so we had to leave a bit earlier than planned. My apologies! Phone/email me and we'll chat.
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