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Suburban Wildlife

I was watering the front lawn just now, trying to keep our mowable mix of crabgrass and weeds that I laughably call a "lawn" alive in the summer heat. My attention was caught by a duck flying down the street, not much higher than the roofs of the two-story row houses that fill our block. It's slightly unusual to see a duck around our neighborhood.

I went back to spraying water on the lawn. A minute later, I saw the duck flying around again and this time it cruised lower, over the hood of my car, and landed on the sidewalk. Our lawn is rather small: a square about ten feet on each side. I was standing on one side of it. The duck waddled up to the center, clearly watching the spray of cool water.

So I spent some time watering a duck. She (I think it was a female) seemed to be having fun, poking around looking for snails amid the hose spray. She wasn't quite sure I was safe and would start to waddle away a few feet each time I had to take a step and shift position.

After a bit, the lawn --if not the duck-- was thoroughly watered, so I put the hose down and went to turn it off at the faucet. The duck went over to the hose and drank a few beakfulls of cool water. Then, after a friendly flip of the tail, she was off again.

Just an enjoyable inconsequential tidbit from my day.

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