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Winchester Mystery House -- Now with Photos!

Here are the photos from the previously mentioned trip to the Winchester Mystery House. This is a very fun place full of all kinds of wonderful Victorian architecture. I tend to visit it every three years or so, just to marvel at it.

Official aerial photo from around the time of the restoration (1984). Winchester Blvd is in the bottom-right corner of the picture. The water tower (which we'll see later) is on the left edge. Google Maps satellite photo.

Let's start with the dedication plaque. Mrs. Winchester, the architect of the House, had quite the obsession with the number thirteen; in honor of that, the restored monument was officially opened to the public on a Friday the 13th.

Also note that there's an erroneous apostrophe. On the bronze plaque. You'd think they'd proofread those!

The front of the House. On the porch are the decorative front doors with stained glass windows. They've never been used.

A closer view of some of the interesting architectural details on the front of the House.

There are three elevators in the House. This is the motor for the most modern one (in that it's the only one that's electric).

A typical view of the back of the House where one can see many rows of odd rooflines.

A pretty greenhouse in the Victorian style. (I believe it's still in use today by the groundskeepers.)

Heading down into the basement (part of a new tour they've started), you can see this beast of a furnace.

A view of one side. The slanted row of narrow windows is very typical of the House's style: wedge things together.

Elsewhere on the same side of the House. One also gets a nice view of part of the garden courtyard in this shot.

A rose in one of the gardens.

The water tower building which is now used as a billboard (it's just visible from 280). Originally there was a water tank on the roof of this building but it was destroyed by fire (really!) in the 50's.

*sigh* What a lovely house! So charmingly... eccentric. My kind of place! :)

These photos are also in my LJ gallery.
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