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Everybody has days like this, my momma said

Ever have one of those days where things just don't quite work around you?

You know, you go to fold the laundry or something. And you pluck a shirt out of the dryer and it's inside-out. It's the dang long sleeve green one; it always gets turned around. So you reach through the collar and grab an arm and pull that out and twist it around and pull the other arm through and flip it out...

And it's still inside-out. Odd. You reach up to the collar this time, pull it through, go for the arm, catch a pocket on your ring, flail your wrists, but manage to yank the other sleeve through and shake the shirt out...

Damn. It's still inside-out! Is this a trick shirt or something? What the heck? You viciously grab parts of the shirt and forcibly invert them, sending buttons flying, but keeping a careful eye on the collar, lest it try anything funny. You maneuver the cuffs around and finally have the shirt rightways around. It's now all wrinkly, has a pulled seam at the pocket, and is missing a button. But it's right-side out, dammit. Now, to fold my wife's delicate blouse...

I hate days like this.

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