Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,


SinFest: Slick elaborates on his Bunnyman cover.

For those who wanted some background on the strip, here's some samples of the characters:

Slick - Will try anything to look cool, usually just to get some action. The very first comic sets the mood well.

Monique - Hipster girl trying to get in touch with her feelings and find true love. Definitely just friends with Slick despite his constant nudges.

Squigley - A pig in the white trash way. Often fills odd roles throughout the comic.

God - Talks from behind the clouds, usually with the help of hand puppets to show his mood.

The Devil - Walkin' around, bein' evil.

Saint (Seymour) and Little Devil - Fanboys of God and the Devil (respectively).

Pooch and Percy - Occasional characters in their own pet reality.
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