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Potter: Loose Ends and Pondered Questions

Some miscellaneous minor points. Things I haven't figured out but would WELCOME your comments and observations!

Was it just me or did Rowling spend a lot of book six talking about the Weasley's Wizard Wheezes shop? I mean, it's nice to know what's happened to Fred and George, but it seemed excessive. Is this a setup for something or just my own minor quibble with the book's pacing?

Will Luna make any contribution to the final book? She's still figuring in the main story line but I don't know how she'll have any impact on the tale's resolution (beyond what she's done already). Perhaps some information or contacts?

Will Peeves ever be significant? Will he finally be more than annoying failed-comic-relief?

Was it just me or was Trelawny left hanging in book six? Last time I recall her being mentioned, Harry had left her in the 7th floor hallway. Odd for Rowling to not give some mention at the end. (Was she at the funeral?)

Is the Tonks-Lupin subplot going to be significant in book seven or is Rowling just giving us a happy ending for some supporting characters? (And will we see fan pr0n involving a shapechanger and a werewolf?)
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