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And now, another episode of "posting something to avoid looking like a lazy rat who can't journal to save his life"! Everyone get ready to play along at home.


Did stuff. Had friends (musecalliopeia) over for dinner. Saw stuff. Still not king.


Went and did fun fursuit stuff with a bunch o' people (kit_ping, 3catsjackson, crocodile, yippee, Brokken, frysco, and Jonathan). It was Jackson's first time in fursuit, which he enjoyed.


Went to visit my parents and played bocci ball for the first time. Quite a bit of fun, actually. It's a slow-paced precision and strategy driven sort of lawn bowling. (Interestingly, a Google search for "bocci ball" turns up equal parts sports pages and alcoholic drink mixes.)

This adds to my odd roster of sports I enjoy: ping pong, juggling (technically a sport -- honest!), and volleyball. There are also a few other sports that I used to do (archery, football) and would like to but haven't tried yet (snowboarding, golf).

Spent the evening downstairs with Kit and Jackson watching some favorite old movies. Singin' in the Rain is fantastic and one of the few musicals that I really genuinely like. The comedy and energy is incredible and the songs are fun and well-choreographed.

The other movie was Fail Safe, a brilliant (and overlooked) film revived by a DVD release. It's the best political thriller... A serious cautionary tale from the same era as Dr. Strangelove. Excellent direction and acting for a shoestring budget and, essentially, three sets. Shows you masterful actors can pull it off where other movies fail.
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