Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Random Updates

So, the holidays are approaching. So how's things with me? I'm glad you asked:

- I've actually managed to purchase most of my Christmas gifts (by which I mean the gifts I'm giving to other people; the other way around wouldn't be in the proper spirit of the season).

- I'm ill. I've managed to pick up some sort of virus that's been making it difficult to eat more than soup and vitamin drinks for the past few days. I'm hoping I get better before...

- This weekend, we're driving up to see Kit's folks in Oregon. We'll be up there for a little while to visit and do the family thing. It'll be nice to see them and it'll also be nice to have a chance to unwind. And possibly even...

- Working on my novel from NaNoWriMo. Mostly notes and plotting right now. After Novermber's solid writing I took a bit of a break but now I'm looking forwards to actually finishing up the full draft. At which point I'll see if the story's any good. :)

We now resume our listlessness, sore throat, and mild nausea, already in progress.

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