Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Post-FC Post

Wow, another fun year at FC! First, my apologies to anyone whom I wasn't able to spend time with. As usual, I volunteered for a lot of events at the con and, as a result, was scurrying from place to place during most of it. The plus is that I get to help with lots of interesting events, but the minus is that I don't always get a lot of time with friends.

Events seemed to run pretty well this year. Masquerade looked good (what little I got to see), Iron Artist was fun, and the FNL was entertaining. We had our usual improv workshop; thanks to everyone who came out for that. More detailed event commentary and thoughts will be posted once I am more coherent. :P

Special thanks to my rodent bretheren for the Sunday get-together, Pakrat for showing off costume work, and for those still at the hotel that showed up for my Monday rodent panel.

Whoooosh. Need a vacation now. :)
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