Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

Answers to the Quiz

Here's the answers to the quiz in the previous entry. Only look under the cut if you've completed the quiz and put your pencil down!

1. Flying Squirrel - YES Like all squirrels (family sciuridae), it's a true rodent.

2. Beaver - YES Indeed they are. To be honest, I wasn't sure about this one before looking it up.

3. Marmot - YES In fact, marmots are in the same family as squirrels.

4. Anteater - NO Anteaters have a separate order (with only a few living species in it).

5. Nutria / Coypu - YES Alternate names for the same aquatic rodent. In some areas, these are more of a pest than rats!

6. Porcupine - YES Porcupines, both old and new world, are actually rodents. I was surprised!

7. Capybara - YES The world's largest rodent, individuals can weight up to 140 pounds!

8. Skunk - NO Mephits are not rodents. I know, this one was a stinker.

9. Vole - YES Small, cute, water-lovin' rodents.

10. Mongoose - NO They are actually classified under carnivora.

11. Lemming - YES Yes, they are rodents but, no, they don't habitually cliffdive.

12. Pika - NO Though the right size and build, they are more closely related to rabbits.

13. Cavy - YES A tricky question! Cavy is the proper name for the "guinea pig".

14. Meerkat - NO Cute as the little guys are, they are in carnivora not rodentia.

15. Shrew - NO Like the Mongoose, the Shrew is in order insectivora.

16. Muskrat - YES The "rat" in the name is not misleading: muskrats are rodents.

17. Pine Marten - NO Hopefully an easy one, if you know what pine martens look like. They are closely related to weasels and, therefore, mustelids.

18. Chinchilla - YES We finish up the list with the softest and cuddliest of the rodents!

How'd you guys do? Was it challenging enough?
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