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Weekend: Another Rallye, First Geocaching

Went to another Rallye (what's a Rallye?) with 3catsjackson and kit_ping. Much fun! This was our third rallye. It centered around the Castro St area of downtown Mountain View. Seems to be the area favored by The Rallye Club chapter hosting it.

We're beginngers still, that's for sure. We missed a bunch of gimmicks (tricks in the directions that are the real puzzle of the event), netting a score of 780/1000 points. Not too bad. And, most importantly, it was still loads of fun!

The three of us have decided that we would all love to design and host a rallye on the island of Alameda. We also know that we'll need a lot more experience before we can do it...

With the same housemember group, nicknamed Chez Lunatiques, we went out geocaching! This was the first time for all of us. Jackson's had a GPS unit for a year or so now and has been itching to try it; it didn't take a lot to talk Kit and I into enthusiastically joining in.

We went after some easy caches in Alameda to ease into it. An easy start, then a trip to the Alameda ex-naval base (I spotted it! Yea me!), and a tiny cleverly-hidden one right nearby number two.

Emboldened with success, we decided to head after a more difficult one in nearby Emeryville. The descriptions sounded interesting. We managed to find all of the waypoints and clues without much trouble but never did locate the cache... From the clues, we narrowed it down to about a 10'x10' area, but for the life of us couldn't find it. (Yea, it's a micro-cache, so it's small... But this is a pretty bare urban area, too.)

So, on the day, 75%. A good start... And a new pursuit/addiction to absorb more of my time! Whee. :)

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