Nicodemus (nicodemusrat) wrote,

News 'n' Links

Rodents in the news:
Breast Grown on Mouse -- A big advance in stem cell research, as scientists succeed in growing a complete and functional breast from a single cell. This will hopefully help to end the tragic worldwide shortage of mouse breasts (plus we might also learn something about cancer, organ replacement, and stem cell cultures).

Non-rodent news:
Soybean-Powered Sports Car -- Which car company achieved this bio-fuel breakthrough? None. It was a group of students at a west Philly high school! The school evidently specializes in problem students and runs an intense shop program. This just proves that (1) car companies aren't trying hard enough and (2) different students excel in different environments, much as our public school system normally tries to ignore this.

What if Microsoft Marketed the iPod? -- Funny video about computer product marketing. Thanks to porsupah for the link.

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