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Rat Ramblings

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12 May 1975
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  • nicodemusrat@livejournal.com
Nicodemus is an anthropomorphic rat who works as a computer programmer. He grew up in Silicon Valley but recently moved to the Seattle area. He is married to kit_ping and was previously housemates with 3catsjackson (and chairoraccoon before that). He has one son, Timothy, and one daughter, Charlotte.

Ratatouille mood theme by marko_the_rat.

Furry Code (v1.3)
FRR3acdms A++ C+++ Dm+++$ H+ M P++ R+++ T+++ W+++$ Z Sm# RLCT a+ clmnu+++$ d++ e++ f+ h+++ iwf+++ j p+ sm#

Geek Code (v3.12)
GCS d+ s+: C++ U++ P++ L+ E--- W+++@ N>- w M V- PS+ Y+ t- X R++ tv++ b+ DI+ D++ G+ e++ h--- r+++ y?

Blogger Code (v1.0)
B9 d+ t- k- s- u-- f- i- o++ e l+ c-

Rats Code (v2.01)
~~~(---)8> R(2.01) 4r B-- C- D+ F@ S->+ ocCT reA sM a+ e++ n++++ p1c <8(---)~~~

Good Eats Code (v1.1)
GE+++ AB++ W MB+ PM++ SC+++ MFC+ DD CR--- CH- e++ sc+++ pt++ rec tg++ tf--- FP(++) !FTV YC? YG?

Ozy and Millie Code (v1.0)
O&M JJ1 Ozy++i^ Mil++ Mom+ Dad+ Ave Tim++t Stei Fel+ Jer- Loc+ Lrn++ Wan++ Do \\$+++ Arn+,td+,bh+ Oy75 CoCA

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